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OPENED ALPHA TEST! Join free registration https://neon-mu.net/registration

Exp rate during test: 9999. If you need something just find me anywhere and tell about it.

Alpha Goals

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Guide ➤ Available Commands

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/str <Number> - Add Strength 
/agi <Number> - Add Agility
/vit <Number> - Add Vitality
/ene <Number> - Add Energy
/com <Number> - Add Command (Dark Lord only)
/post <Message> - Global message
/guildwar <Guild name> - Make a guildwar
/guildsoccer <Guild name> - Start Soccer event (will be reworked)
/request <'on', 'off' or 'auto'> - Off: cancel all requests; On: accept all requests; Auto: auto-accept all requests to your character
/evo - Evolve your character (only during Alpha and Beta tests)
/ware <number of chest> - Additional ware for your account (Max: 2)
/readd - Reset your points
/treereset - reset points for Zodiac System
/gift <Gift code> - If you found in our social media any code - you can use it for get some gifts
/bro <target player> - make a little Squad with your friend (Lorencia bar 118 142 & 121 142, Booze item required)
/accept - to accept a bro proposal - Accept request to make a Bro Squad
/bye - to quarrel with bro - Destroy Bro Squad
/movetobro - Teleport to locate your bro


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