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DK/DL attack speed and attack damage

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Thus, as discussed several times in discord channel previously, it seems that DL and DK has too small attack speed gain from agility. Yes, all type of characters receive same attack speed gain from agility, but you can compare attack speed of DW/AE/SUM/MG - it is drastically higher, than DK/DL.

Same applies for attack damage. DL and DK does not receive appropiate high phys. attack damage gain from strength. For example, AE can easilly deal higher amount of damage for the same period of time, than DK/DL. Yes, dk can use combo for high amount of damage per one attack, but while dk is casting his combo in slow-motion, other class characters will deal higher amoun of damage ebecause of their speed.

My suggestion is to check and change DL/DK attack speed formula.

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