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Loot owner, max ppl - party

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Hey, it's possible to add option about loot to party system?
I mean option like:
owner loot from drop -> person which are creator of party - no one can't take loot from party except owner.
chosen person in party to gain all loot
who faster - take loot
randomize person of each item which are take from floor in party
exactly items to owner/chosen person - rest items for other ppl in party
first item for first person, second item to second and so on. And repeat about circle of ppl in party.


Why i write this suggestion?

If owner of party have choose to that option - maybe some ppl create party like - loot for me, but you can exp with me on spot.
Or party free for all, but with random loot for everyone.
I think when this option be in game - more ppl can have opportunity, to exp in better spots. In idea - i have exp; you have loot.

And another idea - max ppl in party - min 2 of them.

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It system belongs to common mobile games. But Mu Online it is PC game. Old PC game. Yes we can change everything. What we doing right now... ) But this feature is not acceptable in my sight of server evolution.

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