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Elisabeth the trader

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In Noria you can find elf Elisabeth
It is smart trader whose will help you exchange different ingame items
Be carefull! If you will give items not from list below, it will be gone forever!
You can trade many items by 1 trade session if you have enough space in your inventory


1 Any Book of Skill = 1 Ancient Scroll (piece for Ancient Knowledge)
1 Weapon Option Jewel = 1-3 Weapon Level Jewel
1 Gear Option Jewel = 1-3 Gear Level Jewel
1 Random Weapon = 1-3 Hell Dust (piece for Mystery Essence)
1 Any Dragon Shard = 1 Hell Dust 
1 Lucky Clover = 1 Magnificent Present

If you have some proposals to add any items for exchange - don't be shy contact me! @ReadySteadyGo

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