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  1. ReadySteadyGo

    v7.5.2 - Patch notes

    Dark Wizard Zodiac Skills - 100% Summoner Zodiac Skills - 100% Dark Knight Zodiac Skills - 12.5% Dark Lord Zodiac Skills - 0% Fairy Elf Zodiac Skills - 0% Magic Gladiator Zodiac Skills - 0% Fixed bug when Greater Life buff didn't apply to your party Damage scalers decreased (preparation for new Defense system) Cyclone skill distance increased from 2 to 7 Plasma Storm added to Primary combo skills Twisting Slash moved from Secondary combo skill to Primary combo skill
  2. ReadySteadyGo

    v7.5.1 - On the way

    This is continue of great cycle of updates regarding Skills, Stats, Buffs and Powers of characters. Today i can introduce for you next changes: For Dark Wizard Zodiac skills: For Summoner Zodiac skills:
  3. ReadySteadyGo

    v7.5.0 - update

    New feature - Power Charge is working from now! Power Charge is special scaler for your Combo Power Charge can be increased with Strength and Energy As soon as you are using Combo, your Power Charge drops to 0. And your Combo attack gets additional % of DMG in value of actual Power Charge Power Charge restores 1 per seconds and 1 per hit Added new Zodiac brench for improve that feature also All Zodiac brenchs are reworked You can check all changes in game Main parameter Shield on items replaced from static bonus to multiple bonus Next update 7.5.1 planned 14.02 6 PM (GMT +1)
  4. ReadySteadyGo

    Discord status

    Show that you playing on our server in Discord! Allow show statuses in your profile Finish! Thank you very much. It is really helping to know more people about us!
  5. 11.02 - 6 PM (GMT +01:00) Huge cycle of rebalance updates started! Server will be restarted for update and bug fixes
  6. ReadySteadyGo

    Emerald rewards improve

    World Bosses - 10 Emeralds Balgass - 50 Emeralds Kundun - 25 Emeralds Selupan - 25 Emeralds Nightmare - 25 Emeralds Lord of Trials - 25 Emeralds Devil Square Boss - 5 Emeralds Chaos Castle winner reward - 10 Emeralds Fight Club winner reward - 25 Emeralds Imperial Guardian Main Boss (Sunday) - 50 Emeralds Main Boss drop changed to - 7 random items (Mythical weapons or Zodiac Knowledge) Treasure Hunter - 50 Emeralds Reward changed to 1 Zodiac Knowledge Golden Boss - 25 Emeralds Rainbow Dragon - 30 Emeralds
  7. ReadySteadyGo

    Max Zodiac level increased to 500

    As top 20 players reached 300 Zodiac levels Max Zodiac level increased to 500 Max Zodiac Level 600 requirements: top 30 players reached Zodiac level 400.
  8. ReadySteadyGo

    Global update v7.5.0 - Skills, stats, buffs & Zodiac

    Бафф дает процент от базового хп, а не от максимального. Если бы все твои вещи, чармы и бустры всегда скалированлись относительно максимального хп, твоё бы хп улетело бы в космос без остановки. Всё там правильно работает.
  9. ReadySteadyGo

    Global update v7.5.0 - Skills, stats, buffs & Zodiac

    Какое отношение он имеет к Skills, stats, buffs & Zodiac
  10. If you have any suggestions you can take participate in changes for next update! Just post your suggestion for any character or for all characters (and of course do not forget your arguments! - is important) Right here
  11. ReadySteadyGo

    Moss upgrade

    From today Moss Darkness Roulette price increased to 300.00.000 Zen Also all rewards changed By using roulette you can receive next rewards: Present - 25% Random Valued Weapon Box - 21% Ancient Knowledge - 12% Random Epic Weapon Box - 10% Weapon Option Jewel - 7% 100.000.000 Zen Coin - 7% Mystic Jewel Box +3 - 5% Random Mythical Weapon Box - 5% Mystic Jewel Box +4 - 3% Mystic Jewel Box +5 - 2% Mystery Essence - 1% Zodiac Knowledge - 0.4% Random Mount's Drop Box - 0.2% Check all chances on our forum
  12. ReadySteadyGo

    Patch notes v7.4.4

    Drop for mounts reworked New visualization of pieces From now to craft Mount Egg you have to collect 8 different Mount's Drops If Egg crafted you should bring it to Elisabeth in Noria. She will give you a real Mount. You also can trade with a real Mount and she will give back an Egg to you. Added 4 tiers of Mounts. More tier - better bonuses. For Dark Lords last tier of Egg will be traded for Death Horse Death Horse can be also traded to Death Hound and then traded back to Egg if it's needs Mount's Drops drop (check drop rate in game): Fractals monsters Fractal Illusions of Kundun Crywolf monsters Crywolf event Dark elvens Loren Deep monsters Loren Deep Castle Guardians Elisabeth Added split for Zodiac Knowledge Added trades for mounts Chaos Goblin Added mixes for improve Mounts (you need 3 pieces of previous tier of Mount) Eggs added in announce messages Summoner Chain Lightning attack speed reduced (was too high)
  13. ReadySteadyGo

    Ачивки странно работают

    Fractals will be fixed after next restart. No any problems was found with Swamp / Acheron achievments.
  14. 23.01 - 6 PM (GMT +01:00) Server will be restarted for update and bug fixes
  15. Если что сет защиты напрямую не даёт как в старых версиях МУ. Так же как и оружие не даёт напрямую урон. Эти параметры зависят только от статов и зодиака. Не нужно сравнивать 3 4 или 10 сеты. Имеет значение выбор последнего сета, который разделен на Дефовый и Атакующий. Добавлю колчан, но тогда твой лук или арбалет останутся без стрел и ты будешь просто стоять.