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  1. Возможно ли сделать команду /movetobro не только исключительно по ресету, но и по локации? То есть, если персонаж, который bro, выше ресетом, но при этом на локации, которая доступна тебе, то ты можешь к нему телепортироваться?
  2. zlidenj

    white wizard not began

    Which locations did you visit, when event started?
  3. zlidenj

    Guild - Silence

    Update - BlueDrag clan status - truth.
  4. zlidenj

    Beginner`s guide - ENG

    This basic information should be enough for start of your journey in Neon MU server.? If you will have additional questions, you are always welcome in: Knowledge base (clickable); Server`s discord channel (clickable); Ask a question in the game in /post - it is free. I hope you`ll really enjoy a new experience in Neon MU server. ?
  5. zlidenj

    Guild - Silence

    Update - BlueDrag clan status - war. Cause - twins kill from Noize clan, while users are afk. Immune to war - Zver & Fusion.
  6. zlidenj

    Beginner`s guide - ENG

  7. zlidenj

    Beginner`s guide - ENG

  8. zlidenj

    Beginner`s guide - ENG

  9. zlidenj

    Beginner`s guide - ENG

    So, you have finally decided to play in Neon`s MU? Well, that`s awesome, as you`ll experience MU Online from a completely different perspective - you`ll experience MU Online as a new game. Without further interruption, let`s begin. ? Item List: Character creation. Gears and weapons. Wings. Item upgrade - jewels, talismans, option jewels and so on. Mu Helper. Skills. Maps and locations. Monsters and bosses. Special thank`s to: ReadySteadyGo; Apriori; AvaDL.
  10. zlidenj

    Guild - Silence

    —{Silence}— Guild Master (chief) - AlexW GM Assistant (schmoozer) - zlidenj Battle Master Nr.1 (heavy cudgel) - eRJey Battle Master Nr.2 (sourcerer necomancer, guardian of the ancient knowledge of sacrifices) - Apriori Recruitment status - Open. Contact AlexW in game or in discord. Clan language - rus/eng. Allience - Noize guild Active agreements: Clan "BlueDrag": Golden Stadium map. First three beginner spots will not be occupied by members of "Silence" and "BlueDrag", if their resets are higher than 3. Thus, these spots are left for new players and beginners. Medium and high spots are for all. Active war: --- Active peace: Lost Active truth: BlueDrag
  11. Поддержу. Это, в свою очередь, может поспособствовать более ускоренному вводу комлпектов камней. К примеру, комплектация 10 Weapon Jewel в 1 Weapon Jewel Stack.
  12. Именно. Я потому и предлагаю для новичков их пренести.
  13. Переноса НПЦ БЦ, ты про него?
  14. zlidenj

    Upgrade talismans - leveling up

    Suggestion realized! Thank you! This thread can be closed.
  15. As our server slowly, but, is growing, I would like to suggest two things, that would help newcomers to stay here with higher chance: - Decrease DS/BC respawn times. Now DS/BC respawn time during one 24h day is only once per 12 hours. If that might be decreased to once per 6 or 4 hours, newcomers and low level characters would come there with higher rate. Regarding boss in DS, it still can be spawned only twice per day; - Decrease WW respawn time. Same, as above; - It is obvious, that mobs in BC are very overpowered for 1-2 resets and 2-4 resets. Even with party and high HP on characters it is nearly imposible to pass that event. My suggestion is to lower lvl for mobs in bc; - In addiiton, please bring BC NPC in lorencia. Now it is only possible to get there, if you have 1+ resets.