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    hello there, first of all i would like to say, that this unique playstyle is pretty interesting for me and i really enjoy it so far.. but still there are some points, which i would like to talk about. We need waaaay more spots - Why? You chose to make a hardcore server with 1exp and 10% drop, which means people have to farm alot and on different spots, this includes all the alt. accounts that just afk for jewels, items etc. For Exp people always will chose the best spot and there is only one in elbeland.. again, since this is a 1exp server its totaly important on what spot you exp, cuz i literally can mean, that it takes double the time to level up and thats crazy... so i would suggest for each zone (reset zones) that there are more and more spots with the best mob for exp and the rest for farm. If it wasnt ur intention, that people make tons of alts and take spots just to farm - then there needs to be a hardware/IP restriction to whatever amount of accounts you think is fair. So for example in elbeland we need way more capt. grizzly spots or in general just way more spots in my opinnion. Same with lorencia Giants/Hell Hounds etc. and in Noria Golems and more. Thank you in Advance ShineX Accepted