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Guild - Silence

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Guild Master (chief) - AlexW

GM Assistant (schmoozer) - zlidenj

Battle Master Nr.1 (heavy cudgel) - eRJey

Battle Master Nr.2 (sourcerer necomancer, guardian of the ancient knowledge of sacrifices) - Apriori

Recruitment status - Open. Contact AlexW in game or in discord.

Clan language - rus/eng.


Allience - Noize guild

Active agreements:

  • Clan "BlueDrag":
    • Golden Stadium map. First three beginner spots will not be occupied by members of "Silence" and "BlueDrag", if their resets are higher than 3. Thus, these spots are left for new players and beginners. Medium and high spots are for all.

Active war:

  • ---

Active peace:

  • Lost

Active truth:

  • BlueDrag

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Update - BlueDrag clan status - war. Cause - twins kill from Noize clan, while users are afk. Immune to war - Zver & Fusion.

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