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Patch notes v7.4.4

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Drop for mounts reworked
New visualization of pieces
From now to craft Mount Egg you have to collect 8 different Mount's Drops
If Egg crafted you should bring it to Elisabeth in Noria. She will give you a real Mount.
You also can trade with a real Mount and she will give back an Egg to you.

Added 4 tiers of Mounts. More tier - better bonuses.



For Dark Lords last tier of Egg will be traded for Death Horse
Death Horse can be also traded to Death Hound and then traded back to Egg if it's needs

Mount's Drops drop (check drop rate in game):
Fractals monsters
Fractal Illusions of Kundun
Crywolf monsters
Crywolf event Dark elvens
Loren Deep monsters
Loren Deep Castle Guardians

Added split for Zodiac Knowledge
Added trades for mounts

Chaos Goblin
Added mixes for improve Mounts (you need 3 pieces of previous tier of Mount)
Eggs added in announce messages

Chain Lightning attack speed reduced (was too high)


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