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Beginner`s guide - ENG

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So, you have finally decided to play in Neon`s MU?

Well, that`s awesome, as you`ll experience MU Online from a completely different perspective - you`ll experience MU Online as a new game.

Without further interruption, let`s begin. ?


Item List:

  1. Character creation.
  2. Gears and weapons.
  3. Wings.
  4. Item upgrade - jewels, talismans, option jewels and so on.
  5. Mu Helper.
  6. Skills.
  7. Maps and locations.
  8. Monsters and bosses.

Also check our youtube channel. There also are a lot of guides and videos, of how things here work.

Special thank`s to:

  • ReadySteadyGo;
  • Apriori;
  • AvaDL.



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1. Characters

1. Characters.

Character class are well known. These are:

 - Dark Knight;

 - Dark Wizard;

 - Elf;

 - Dark Lord;

 - Magic Gladiator.

When character is created, you`ll receive some items, that are different from Classic MU/completely new. You char`s inventory should look like this:


As you can see, you are almost with a bare hands. That`s ok - you can survive without hastle with these items. :classic_biggrin: So, what`s in you inventory, you migh ask? Well, each character after creation receives character-related starting weapon (as an example - dark knigh sword), great equilizer, endless hp restore, endless hp booster, endless stability charger:


This weapon, that you`ll receive after creation, can`t be upgraded or can`t be used for crafting.

Great equilizer, as shown on a screenshot, is a very mighty thing. It will allow you to make your first reset (clickable) faster, than reaching 400lvl, as a description of an item on the screenshot states. For example, top player has 50 resets, and your character 0. Thus, you`ll make your first reset on the level=400-50+0= 350lvl.

Endles HP restorer/Booster/Stability charges are, as stated in their designation, are endless potions, but with a time delay. Thus, you don`t need to buy potions, as it was in classic MU Online.


Each character class during levelling will receive 3 free points of stats no matter, if it has completted all quests for dark stone and broken sword.


2. Gear and weapons

2. Gear and weapons.

We will start to overview gear. Each character has only one set for all time and it can be purchased from a very beginning for free in Lorencia in markets, called "Sanctuary" (example for DK):



Don`t be affraid, as I mentioned above, all items in the store are for free - you don`t need zen to buy them.

Each gear is an "excellent" type in the game. At this moment, you will not encounter non-excellent gears. Thus, all items from gear will have some options. For starting gear this is "Add maximum life +1%". Why so, you would ask?

Gear is a subject of an upgrade. Its level can and must be upgraded in order to receive new and higher options. As an example:

1lvl gear:


7lvl gear:


How it is being upgraded I`ll describe further. Now, as you can see, with higher level of a gear you`ll receive higher amount of options (which is random) and higher % of each option.

Not worth to mention, that gear is only purchased from shop (as for now) - it will not be dropped from the spots/quests/bosses/in-game events.

Thus, there are more, than 1 lvl available for gear to be upgraded.

As for weapons, these can be dropped from spots/quests/bosses/in-game events. All weapons are also "excellent" and with random options. Leveling is also applied for weapons. As an example (dk):

1lvl weapon (low):


7 lvl weapon (Epic):


Thus, weapons can be upgraded further and further and further. Now there are available these levels:

  • 1 lvl - Low;
  • 2 lvl - Medium;
  • 3 lvl - Common;
  • 4 lvl - Uncommon;
  • 5 lvl - Rare;
  • 6 lvl - Valued;
  • 7 lvl - Epic;
  • 8 lvl - Mythical;
  • 9 lvl + - no one yet has it. ?

As mentioned above, item level upgrading will be discussed further.



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3. Wings

3. Wings.

As you already might see, wings are also being purchased only from sanctuaries.

Each wing also have levels (example from dk):

1 lvl wing (dk)


4 lvl wing (dk):


As for now, wings can`t have additional options. Only their stats are increased with each new wing level.


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4. Item upgrade - jewels, talismans, option jewels and so on.

4. Item upgrade - jewels, talismans, option jewels and so on.

So, you are levelling in spot and after some time you see in your inventory some jewels. No, there are not bless/soul/chaos jewels. Forget about them, we don`t need them anymore. As for now, you don`t even need to bother yourself with item leveling chance!

Hey, other mixes can be checked in "Mixes" (clickable) thread. Below seen are basic, needed to better understand, what is woh.

In game athere are three main jewels for an upgrade:

 - Weapon level jewel (WJ):


 - Gear level jewel (GJ):


 - Wing level jewel:


As can be seen from a description, each jewels is leveling its own type of item. Weapon is for weapons, gear is for gears, wing is for wings. To level your item up, you just need to place it in your inventory (not on a character, but inside of inventory), push on the appropriate jewel once with left mouse button and place it onto the item. It will increase level of your item +1. Worth to mention - it is not an "equipment level", about which we were talking in "Gear and weapon" and "Wings" paragraphs. It is only an item level. Gear level upgrade will be described further, as mentioned prevously.

Weapon/Gear/Wing jewels can be stacked to bundles with these commands, typed in chat:

 - Weapon jewels - /rpack X;

 - Gear jewels - /gpack X;

 - Bpack jewels - /bpack X;

, where X, is a quantity of jewels, that you would like to combine in a bundle.

Bundle can be disassembled by pressing on it with a right mouse button.

Maximum item level is +15. Don`t panic, with weapon/gear/wing level jewels you upgrade your item to +15 with 100% chance and you don`t need to bother yourself with chaos machine for that. Just drag and drop jewels onto the items and that`s all.

To upgrade an "equipment level", you need to do a little bit more.

Let`s start with gear.

To upgrade your gear`s equipment level to a next one, you need to do as following:

1.  Upgrade one item (gear) level to +15 with Gear Level Jewel.

2.  Collect Upgrade Charge. These are dropped from spots/obelisks/DS and BC boxes. They looks like that:


3. Collect Upgrade Charges as many, as shown in "Required amount". For example, for Upgrade Charge I it is 10. When 10 charges are collected, they all will be automatically transfered to an Upgrade Talisman I and it will be placed in your inventory. It looks like that:


4. Take your item and Upgrade Talisman and place them in Chaos Machine, located in Lorencia (near vault) or Noria (in original machine`s location):



5. Press "Combine" button. You`ll receive gear item with an increased "equipment level", with new skin and with some new options:


Also, it is shown in gear upgrade related topic (clickable). You shoudl check it - there is a video, describing a process.

Congratulations! You have made your first next equipment level item!

As for weapons, it is not the same:

1.  Upgrade three items (weapon) level to +15 with Weapon Level Jewel. Each weapon has to be with the same "Equipment level"! Thus, for example, you need to take three Low Knight Swords and level all of them up to +15 with Weapon Level Jewels.

2. Take all three weapons to a Chaos Machine.

3. Place all three +15 weapons into a Chaos Machine and press "Combine" button.

4. After completion, you`ll receive a weapon with an increased "equipment level", with new skin and with some new options. As an example of 2nd equipment lvl of a dk weapon, that is created from three Low Knight Swords +15:


Also, it is shown in weapon upgrade related topic (clickable). You shoudl check it - there is a video, describing a process.

Wings "equipment level" is upgraded with Feathers and Sky Jewels. As for now, Feather can be recieved for making a quests from Noria NPC, called "Quest Master":


Note, that you can start to do quests only from 1 reset.

Thus, you need to do as following:

1. Level up your wings with Wing Level Jewel to +15:


2. Collect Sky Shards in order to receive a Sky jewel. Sky Shards drop from spots/DS and BC boxes/obelisks/"Treasure Hunters" event. They look like that:


As can be seen, you have to collect them to a required amount. For first upgrade, this is 20. As with talismans, when required amount is collected, it will be automatically transfered to a Sky Jewel and placed in your inventory:


3. Take a Feather:


4. Bring all of that to a Chaos Machine and place everything there. Then, push a "Combine" button:


5. You`ll receive a wing with a next "Equipment level":


You should also check a wings upgrade related topic (clickable). Above mentioned is shown as a video.

Congrats! You now are a lucky owner of a damn good wing!

As you might already noticed, when item level or an equipment level increases, item stats do not increase (damage or defense) nor it appeares. Only wing`s stats do increase. 

That`s ok four our new mechanics. DMG and DEF of your character will be increased with increasing his stats. But, you still can increase attack damage of your weapons and increase defense success rate of a gear, using these jewels:

 - Weapon Option Jewel:


This jewel adds "Damage bonus" to a weapon. Max damage bonus is 20%. Each jewel adds 4%.

 - Gear Option Jewel:


This jewel add "Defense Success Rate Bonus" to a gear. Max bonus is 20%. Eacj jewel add 4%.


Both jewels, as for now, can only be received in three ways:

1. Golden Archer NPC, located in Golden Stadium, by collecting Gold Coins from Golden Armies/Golden Commanders event.

2. Killing Elite Monsters in every locations. Yes, you did read that right - each location has Elite Monsters.

3. Participating in "Moss Merchant" event. This NPC can sell jewels for zen, and each type you purchase jewel, random jewel is given to you.


There are some more upgrade things, that you`ll be able to use, but for a beginners, this information is enough.)


5. MU Helper bot and off exp.

5. MU Helper bot and off exp.


In NEON MU client Mu Helper bot is integrated. Believe me, that`s a thing you really want to know, how it works. ?

In order to use it, first, you need to configure it, by pressing a wrench icon on top left of your screen. Please note, for helper configuration, you need to close your intentory.


A new window on right side of your screen will be opened:


  •  Hunting menu.

This is where attacking is configured.

Range - a range of MU cells, where your character will scout for enemies. For example, imagine a single cell spot of mobs, where all mobs are appiering only on a single cell. If you place your caharcter directly on this cell and Range is set to 1, he will attack only the mobs, that are within this cell. If you place Range 6, it will check, if there are monsters within a radious of 6 cells;

Long-Distance Counter Attack and Original Position. For a long-distance counter attack bot checks, if player is hit by a monster, that is not located near him. If monster do attack player, helper will automatically counter-attack this monster. As for Original position, if your range is higher than 1, your character will run to a monster within a readious of the range, and, after killing him, he will go back to its original location (cell on spot);

Potion and options for potion. Selecting this option, you can order bot to dring potions, if char`s HP level is bellow a set value on the bar;

Skills. By selecting several of skills, available on your character, you can set a bot in a manner that it will attack monsters only with one skill, or with several skills. That`s is useful, for example, for DK in order to use combo automatically.

Buff. Here you can set up a buffs for your char by selecting available for char bufs.

  • Obtaining menu.


With this menu you set up a behaviour of a bot to an items, that drop from mobs and other things.

Range. As with attacking range, bot is looking for a drop withing this range.

Pick All near items. If this option is selected, bot will pick up for your absolutely everything, that he sees withing an obtaining range. Note, that your character will move on the stpot from cell to cell in order to pick up the items. While he is in his move, he will not attack monsters.

Pick Selected Items. Using that option, you can set a helper to pick up only items, selected by you. In addition, you can specify not only class of items (jewels, items, zen, etc.), but also type a specific items. We would recommend you to type there these items:

 - Skill

 - Sky

 - Jewell

 - Ticket

 - Gold

 - Upgrade

 - Blood

 - Devil

After MU Helper is set up, you may launch it, by pressing a "Start Official Mu Helper" button, located near the wrench icon, top left corner of your screen.


Also, if you need to go afk and you can`t keep your PC on, you can push a banner icon on bottom right corner of your screen. That will configure so-called off exp, making it possible to level your char even when MU client is turned off. A new window will be opened with these settings:

  • Current skill. Here you can select, with which skill your cahracter will attack monsters. If you Mu Helper is active, it will automatically pick a skill, that is currently active;
  • Auto Buf. During offline exp, your character will use buff skills, available for your character;
  • Pick up zen. During offline exp, character will pick up zen, that is below him;
  • Pick up Jewels. During offline exp, character will pick up jewels, that are below him;
  • Pick up Excellent items. During offline exp, character will pick up excellent items, that are below him;
  • Pick up items from Mu Helper. During offline exp, character will pick up items also typed in Mu Helper, that are below him;

6. Skills.

6. Skills.

Generally, your first skill (depends on char. class), you`ll receive from a "Sancutary", about which I mentioned above, except Dark Knight - this character will have to find skills by his own.

Other skills you may find during your adventures through world of MU. They will be dropped from monsters. In addition, not worth to mention, skills will be used to complete Sabina and Marlon quests. So, you should keep them as a spare. ?


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7. Map and locations.

7. Map and locations.


During your adventures you might need an assistance in monster spot locations and other interesting spots. Well, you can push "TAB" key on your keyboard. That`ll open a map of your corrent location, that looks as follows:



As you can see, map has some things of interest:

  •  Color:
    • Green - Safe zone. Here your character is save and nothing can hurt him. Except admin, of course. ? Usually, NPC`s and vaults are located in sfe zones. There are some exceptions, like Cry Wold map.
    • Red - Hunting zone. Now here your character monsters and other threats are waiting. You can hunt monsters here and other players may attack you as well.
  • Points on the map.
    • 1. With green rectangle, current location of your character on the map is marked. Tip - you still can move, as usual, and mark will move with your character. That`s useful in some cases, like Astral Dungeon map with its labyrinths.
    • 2. Local teleports/fast travels. Using these points, you may fast travel through the map. They looks like shinny cells on the floor:
    • image.png.48da55380975fd539c3962ce975a6f80.png
    • 3. NPC`s and vaults. As mentioned above, usually, NPC`s and vaults are are located in safe zones and marked with orange orbs.
    • 4. Monsters and spots. In the hunting zones, with same orange orbs monsters (regular and elite) and location bosses are marked. Yes, almost every location has, as minimum, one boss. It is shown on the map with big evil skull, like follows:
    • image.png.5e76512aa0483ecc81b6801b96304b97.png

Worth to mention, that in our server you don`t need to use /move command in order to transfer your character to a different location, let`s say, from Lorencia to Noria. You just need to hit "M" button on your keyboard and select, where you want to go. Teleport window will appear on your left of your screen:


Yes, you did understand correctly - locations are now categorized, based on the required character reset, not on his level. Thus, for example, if you want to check a snowy Devias, well, you need to be stronger, than 0 reset. Same applies to all characters and locations. That is made due to full re-configuration of locations, monsters and bosses addition.


8. Monsters and bosses.

8. Monsters and bosses.


Many of locations, present in our server, are filled with numerous types of monsters and bosses, that guard expensive awards. First, let`s talk about monsters.

As higher a location is, or, let me paraphrase it, as higher required reset for location is, as more juicy monsters are filled there. As an example, let`s take a monsters from Lorencia, and, let`s say, from Astral Dungeon:



Astral Dungeon


As you might notice, the higher the location is, the higher monster`s health and level are. In addition, worth to mention, that each location has different monster levels. As and example let`s take Lorencia again. Lowest monsters there have only 1lvl and highest have 9lvl. Monster`s level directly affect an experience you gain for killing them. Thus, it is always a good idea to seek for a monster spots with highest level for highest possible experience.

Keep in mind, that, in almost all locations, monsters (except elite-monsters) are gathered in "spots". In Cry Wolf, from the other hand, monsters are not gathered in spots.


Also, as mentioned several times previously, each location is filled with, so-called, elite-monsters. These monsters are marked with general orange orbs, like other monsters, but, if you hover your mouse on it, an appropriate message will be shown, indicating, that this is indeed an elite-monster spot:


Hunting these monsters, you can gain:

  • Weapon level jewel - very often;
  • Weapon option jewel - very rare;
  • Gear level jewel - very often;
  • Gear option jewel - very rare;
  • Upgrade charge (depending on the location level) - rare;
  • Wing level jewel - often.


And the most interesting - location bosses. These are monsters with much higher level, than other monsters on the location. Their stats are also much higher. Thus, it is really a challenge to hunt them sucessfully. But, it worth it - if boss is successfully hunted, it will drop, minimum, one excellent weapon with random options. As higher boss is, as higher weapon you will receive. Why as minimum one weapon, you might ask? Because some bosses, like Nightmare from "Maya" event in Refinery tower, will drop more, than one weapon.


If boss area is free of the boss, don`t worry, that someone was ahead of you - bosses re-appear every day, at 20:00 (server time), that can bee seen on the server`s homepage event timer bar:



This basic information should be enough for start of your journey in Neon MU server.? If you will have additional questions, you are always welcome in:

I hope you`ll really enjoy a new experience in Neon MU server?

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